EchoStar wins round over TiVo

Injunction to disable DVRs blocked

The patent battle between TiVo and EchoStar shows no signs of letup.

On Wednesday, EchoStar said a district court's injunction demanding it disable millions of DVRs used by its Dish customers has been blocked.

TiVo and EchoStar have been duking it out for almost six years, with TiVo awarded about $207 million so far due to patent infringements, but the big prize for TiVo remains elusive -- that being the forcing of EchoStar into a licensing arrangement with TiVo in order to prevent having to shut down Dish DVRs.

EchoStar is appealing the latest $103 million judgment against it and a June 2 order to disable DVRs within 30 days. It already had received a temporary stay of that order, but Wednesday the stay was extended to the duration of the appeal, which could take another two years.

"The federal circuit found that EchoStar met its burden of demonstrating the requisites for a stay, including, at a minimum, that we have a substantial case on the merits," EchoStar and Dish said statement Wednesday. "As a result of the stay, our customers can continue using their Dish DVRs."