Ecko carves out 'Dexter' deal


Marc Ecko Entertainment has signed a production deal with Showtime Networks to develop a video game based on the Emmy-winning TV series "Dexter."

The "Dexter" game is being designed for multiple platforms, including the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, and will be aimed at avid gamers, many of whom have become fans of the Showtime series.

" 'Dexter' is the extremely rare TV show with enough layers of action and tension to translate perfectly into a compelling video game," Ecko vp Marc Fernandez said.

Ecko is in talks with a number of developers about the "Dexter" game but stressed that it will work closely with Showtime to ensure it is faithful to the series.

Although best known for fashion, Ecko has been moving aggressively into video games, producing the 2005 title "Getting Up" and working on an untitled project with developer Human Head.