Eco-friendly site Sprig has sprung


Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive is putting its own spin on environmentally conscious Web sites with the launch Monday of

The new shopping and information online resource will feature original content including news, profiles and online video designed to spotlight eco-friendly choices in the home, beauty and fashion.

"There really isn't any place on the Web where living a green lifestyle is made easy for consumers," Sprig vp and general manager Goli Sheikolaslami said. "This site is about getting 95% of the people to be 5% green rather than focusing on the 5% that are already 95% green conscious."

Besides Sheikolaslami, the site will led by Mark Whitaker -- vp and editor in chief of New Ventures, WPNI, and a former editor of Newsweek -- along with Jeanie Pyun, the former editor of "Organic Style" who will serve as the site's editor.

WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive is the online subsidiary of the Washington Post Co. The entity operates, the newspaper's site, along with, and Arthur Frommer's BudgetTravelOnline.