Eddie Murphy as Possible Oscar Host: News Met With Mixed Reactions

Jason Kempin/Getty Images For Tribeca Film Festival

"You know who is an even better choice to host the Oscars than Eddie Murphy? EVERYONE," writes a Twitter user, while another opines that he would be "a HUGE improvement over" James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

News that Eddie Murphy is emerging as the leading candidate to host the 84th Academy Awards was met with mixed reactions on the Internet.

After reports surfaced Saturday that producers Brett Ratner and Don Mischer are keen on drafting Murphy to host, many people took to Twitter to express their thoughts, and several weren't happy.

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Javier Fuentes
Brett Ratner thinks that it'd be a good to have Eddie Murphy to host the Oscars. He also thought killing Cyclops offscreen was a good idea [in X-Men: The Last Stand].
Dustin Rowles
You know who is an even better choice to host the Oscars than Eddie Murphy? EVERYONE. #SayNoToNorbit  
Matt Goldberg
Brett Ratner wants Eddie Murphy to host the Oscars. In a related story, Oscars to become 220% more unwatchable.
Tarek Naga
Eddie Murphy? Way outdated #oscar
surely you need someone vaguely likeable?
Micah Mann
Horrible idea. 1986 called & they want their Oscar host back!
Tyler Foster
How many fat suits will Eddie Murphy host the Oscars in?
Eddie Murphy is still around? lol
Jon Sieruga

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Many others expressed the sentiment that Murphy could be a good host if he channels his 1980s-era film roles.
If its Eddie Murphy Delirious it will be a huge hit!
Tamy Emma Pepin
Eddie Murphy in talks to host the 2012 Oscars which is great news if we get the 1983 version of Eddie.
Eddie for the oscars great idea but I want old "raw" Eddie not "daddy day care " eddie lol
hmm i don't like how shit went down with scary spice. i say no to eddie. now, 1980's eddie? oh yeah, fo sho!

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Still others think the idea is a good one, period.
Jonathan Di Lello
Think this is a great idea. Think he will do a fantastic job hosting. Such a funny guy!!
Jonathan Crawford
would love it. I hope he gets the gig.  
Steve Runciman
Brilliant ! X
Nora Paradiso
Dennis Perkins
Eddie Murphy would be good as an Oscars host
Betty Black
Now that would be a Dream role! "Eddie Murphy in talks to host the Academy Awards"
Natalie Eshaya
Eddie murphy in talks to host the oscars. Omg. Could be awesome.
Mel Davis
Good Idea! He is hilarious! :-)
STORY: Eddie Murphy at Top of List to Host 84th Academy Awards  

Yet others think that Murphy would be better than this year's hosting duo of James Franco and Anne Hathaway, while some offered up their own suggestions.
Son of the Bronx
He wont be 1987 Raw but a HUGE improvement over Franco/Hathaway
Lewis Duckett
bad idea..although nothing could be worse than Franco/Hathaway. Bring back Billy Crystal!
sure y not give him a shot couldn't b worse than last year w/john franco
Millie Rocklage
Bad idea. It should be @ActuallyNPH [Neil Patrick Harris]
April Darcy
Seriously? Just let Ellen [DeGeneres] host the damn thing already!
Pattie Fedorow
Can't see Eddie M doing Oscars. Rather see [Craig] Ferguson any day.