Eddie Murphy: 'Beverly Hills Cop 3' Was "Garbage"

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The actor explains why the CBS pilot based on the franchise didn't work.

Eddie Murphy doesn't have particularly fond memories of the most recent film in what is perhaps his signature franchise. 

In a Playboy interview, the Saturday Night Live alum said he isn't proud of the 1994 action-comedy Beverly Hills Cop 3. "The third Beverly Hills Cop was garbage," Murphy said of the film, which grossed just $42 million domestically. 

He was asked about rumors that a fourth film might start filming next month. "I don't think it's going to happen in March, but it is going to be in Detroit," he said. "And before it happens, they’ve got to get that script right. That movie has to be right."

Murphy feels that the Beverly Hills Cop franchise is integral to his legacy. "Those movies, when I travel overseas, people say, [in a foreign accent] 'Hey, Beverly Hills Cop! Axel Foley!' They call me that shit. All the movies I've done, and they call me that. If we do that movie, it has to be right. Not just thrown together to get a big check. I don't need any more of those."

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The actor also was asked about what happened with the failed 2013 CBS pilot based on the films, and he said the network balked when Murphy decided he wasn't willing to recur in the project. "I'm not going to do Beverly Hills Cop on TV," he explained.

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