Eddie Murphy, Drew Barrymore Top List of Overpaid Actors

Eddie Murphy Drew Barrymore - H 2011
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Eddie Murphy Drew Barrymore - H 2011

Forbes’ annual list looks at how much actors and actresses are paid per film versus what those films actually make.

Drew Barrymore and Eddie Murphy have topped Forbes Magazine's 2011 edition of their list of Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actors.

According to the magazine's data, which looks at the star's compensation for his or her last three films and the operating income for those films, Barrymore returns just 40 cents for every dollar the studios spend on her.

The number two performer on the list, Murphy, may be in the midst of a career upswing, with his role in the upcoming Tower Heist and his gig hosting the 2012 Oscars, but his most recent films, such as Imagine That and Meet Dave, have been bombs. The magazine calculates that Murphy returns $2.70 for every dollar spent on him.

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Will Ferrell, who topped the magazine's overpaid list for the previous two years, was third in 2011. The strong performance of his film The Other Guys helped him out, but bombs such as Land of the Lost are still dragging down his average. His return is $3.50.

Reese Witherspoon is just behind Ferrell, with a return average of $3.55. Denzel Washington rounds out the top five, with an average of $4.25.

The rest of the list includes Nicolas Cage ($4.40), Adam Sandler ($5.20), Vince Vaughn ($5.20), Tom Cruise ($6.35) and Nicole Kidman ($6.70).