Eddie Murphy's Oscar Gig: What Viewers and the Industry Are Saying

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images For Tribeca Film Festival

UPDATED: The actor will host the 84th annual awards show, the Academy announced Tuesday.

The Academy's announced Tuesday that actor and comedian Eddie Murphy has been tapped to host the 84th annual Oscars show from L.A. Feb. 26.

STORY: It's Official: Eddie Murphy Named Host of the 84th Annual Academy Awards

Shortly after the terms "Eddie Murphy," "Oscars" and "Academy Awards" became Twitter trending topics as fans and friends of the actor tweeted their thoughts on the news. 

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Jason Alexander said of the news, "Eddie Murphy will host Oscars and don several make-ups to portray 9 other Oscar presenters and nominees."

Nick Cannon shared his enthusiasm, saying, "Eddie Murphy To Host Oscars? It's about time!"

Late Show with David Letterman head writer and executive producer Eric Stangel joked, "Eddie Murphy to host the Oscars. I hope he's in one of them hilarious fat suits when he intros the death montage."

Chew comic-book artist Rob Guillory said, "When the Oscars named Eddie Murphy host, they got, like 85 hosts in one. Some in fat suits, some Jewish, but all loving Cassius Clay."

My Big Fat Greek Wedding actress Nia Vardalos also seemed excited, writing "Eddie Murphy as Oscars host, yes, yes, yes!!"

Comedian Andy Borowitz also made a joke, saying "At this year's Oscars Eddie Murphy will introduce a montage in memory of the movies of his that died."

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, "Psyched for Eddie Murphy hosting Oscars i might actually watch if he does it preferably in character as Mr Robinson, Buckwheat or Axel Foley."

"Eddie Murphy to host the Academy Awards. Now THAT'S entertainment! Congrats Eddie," said Marlee Matlin

But, ABC News senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper wasn't as congratulatory, writing, "Am I the only one who recalls Eddie Murphy LEAVING the 2007 Oscars after he lost best supporting actor? ("to be w/his family," spox said)"

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And the comments kept on coming.

"The Academy Awards just got exciting & we're still like 6 months away! Eddie Murphy confirmed to host the 84th Oscars by ABC! Good News!," tweeted journalist Jawn Murray.

Robert Holik was also excited, saying, "I think Eddie Murphy will blow everyone's mind. Remember that the old wizard always casts the strongest spells. great experience!"

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"Hey....Eddie Murphy, one of my favorite people, set to host the next Academy Award show. Should be a Laugh-riot! He'll keep everyone awake!," tweeted Francie S. C.

A few users  called out last year's widely-panned ceremony, hosted by Anne Hathaway and James Franco.

"Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars is a surprisingly good choice. Well, anything is better than James Franco really. #oscars," said Jason Salinetro.

"Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars...maybe they will actually be good compared to the last couple of years," wrote Christina Marsh. 

And yet more people took an opportunity to diss the actor's work. 

Chris Hewitt said, "Delighted that Eddie Murphy has agreed to host the Oscars. It means he won't be able to make any movies for at least a couple of months."

Dustin Rowles wasn't enthused, writing "You know who is an even better choice to host the Oscars than Eddie Murphy? EVERYONE. #SayNoToNorbit"

Jessica Stickles also called out the actor's film Norbit, sniping, "This is a good time for a reminder that the film Norbit starring Eddie Murphy as an obese woman is an Oscar-nomnated film. Okay, carry on."

But, Julie DiCaro came to his defense, tweeting, "For all the kids out there who only know Eddie Murphy from bad movies, you should know that he used to be one of the funniest stand-ups EVER"