Dude Du Jour, TIFF Edition: Eddie Redmayne

The British actor just made Stephen Hawking stylish.

You don’t typically think of “style” and Stephen Hawking in the same sentence. But now that The Theory of Everything  — James Marsh’s chronicle of the famed physicist’s love affair with first wife Jane — is set to make its Toronto debut, Hawking’s thick glasses and slightly oversized suits are about to have their moment. And acting as the arbiter of Hawking’s brand of stylish genius is star Eddie Redmayne, who was honored with THR’s Breakthrough in Film Award on Sept. 6. “[Redmayne] is small, skinny and freckly with reddish hair,” says Dan Rookwood, the US Editor of Mr. Porter. He notes that Redmayne – like Hawking – is an unlikely style icon. “But he always looks good.”  The slim actor has a penchant for Burberry, favoring slim silhouettes, narrow lapels and an earthy palette that works with his coloring. As Rookwood says, “He has found a winning formula and sticks to it.”

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