Edelman Parent and UTA Create Marketing Firm

The joint venture is called United Entertainment Group, a DJE Company

DJE Holdings, the parent of giant public-relations firm Edelman, has entered into a joint venture with UTA along with United Entertainment Group and its founder, Jarrod Moses, to form a new entertainment, sports and "experiential" marketing agency.

The partners are set to announce Tuesday that the joint venture will be known as United Entertainment Group, a DJE Company. DJE will be the majority stakeholder, with Moses and UTA having slightly smaller stakes.

Moses founded United Entertainment Group in 2007 as a joint venture between himself and UTA.

The newly structured company will specialize in developing entertainment-based platforms for various brands. It will help Starbucks, for example, with its music initiatives; another client is Sam Adams beer, a brand the firm will help in its effort to weave its way into TV storylines. 

Moses says that with about $30 million in annual revenue and about 75 clients, the new firm is the largest of its kind.

"The joint venture will kick off with over 100 employees dedicated to this space," Moses said. "It is a serious investment. It's always been handled in the past as a side-shoot, or internal discipline, whereas this is fully focused and fully dedicated, and it is on an international level."

"So many of the brands today are the creators of content themselves," added Gail Becker, president of strategic partnerships and global integration for Edelman. "Our focus is to develop those innovative marketing campaigns that help shape culture." 

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