Edge of Light in Blu-ray play


Producer John Daly and DVD veteran Erick Hansen are launching Edge of Light, an independent distribution and manufacturing company created with the purpose of releasing indie and mini-major films and TV shows in the high-definition Blu-ray Disc format.

EOL is a joint venture between Daly's Film and Music Entertainment production and distribution company and Hansen's Blu-ray Disc manufacturing company, Blue Ray Technologies.

Blu-ray — along with the incompatible HD DVD — are vying for acceptance as a next-generation high-definition DVD format.

EOL has begun seeking Blu-ray arrangements with indie film distributors, mini-majors and TV production companies for its new releases and catalog titles. Additionally, a manufacturing plant is under construction in Spokane, Wash. EOL hopes to have it running by late spring.

EOL's sales and authoring will be accomplished in Los Angeles, overseen by Lon Gibby and Gibby Media Group through a partnership with EOL.

Daly's credits include "The Terminator," "Platoon" and "The Last Emperor." Hansen is a veteran manufacturer of films and games in the DVD format.