Edie Parker Says Pass the Grass for Spring

Edie Parker SS17 Main - Publicity - H 2016
Courtesy of Guillaume Gaudet

Designer Brett Heyman's collection of garden-inspired bags showcases her signature tongue-in-cheek style.

While one half of the American fashion industry has a foot in the see-now, buy-now business, showing their fall collections this New York Fashion Week, designer Brett Heyman of Edie Parker is here to remind you that her collection is most definitely for spring.

The Manhattan-based Heyman, who launched her red-carpet favorite label in 2010, crafted a collection of garden-inspired clutches, totes and Birkin baskets that hit you over the head with an Easter-esque theme, dripping in pale yellow, baby pinks and sky blues, and lush imagery that only seems to be missing a garden gnome.

GREENS: Edie Parker's spring 2017 collection. (Photos: Sam Reed)

If you’re thinking, “Florals? For spring? How original” — know that these aren’t your grandma’s garden-party motifs. Heyman’s cheeky sass shines through. Her signature marbled acrylic clutches are emblazoned with garden-themed double entendres: “Weed,” “Herb” and “Dirty” among them. "It's always tongue-in-cheek," said Heyman with a smile. "We're into the whimsy and the humor here." 

Imagery of cartoon-like mushrooms and ornately crafted strawberry clasps, which Heyman notes were inspired by her collection of vintage silk scarves from the 1970s, conjure images of Alice smirking somewhere in Wonderland. Especially with the return of the Birkin basket, which Heyman first introduced last spring, the Sunday-picnic-in-the-park vibes are strong.

KEEP IT FRESH: Edie Parker's spring 2017 collection. (Photos: Sam Reed)

The juxtaposition of saccharine pastels against the PG-13 expressions was mirrored in the angular, brushed stainless steel and marbled peach acrylic display, which was designed especially for Edie Parker by New York architect Rafael de Cardenas. "We have this series of simplistic, brutal shapes and forms, but they're softened by the sort of peach, flesh-toned acrylic," said Cardenas, who noted that he "clicked right away" with Heyman.

With the Emmys less than one week away, we're likely to see more Edie Parker on the carpet. The designer, who noted she was "tickled" to see Mindy Kaling carrying a personalized bag at last year's awards, remarked, "Most celebrities are pretty safe — they do the blacks and the nudes. But to emblazon a gold confetti bag with your name really shows that she picked it and it was her personality, so that was one of my favorites."


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