eDonkey servers shut down


LONDON -- Online music piracy was dealt another blow by the IFPI, the global music industry trade body, following a series of legal actions against illegal file sharers in Germany this week.

Local courts granted the organization injunctions to shut down seven peer-to-peer computer servers on eDonkey, a network that connects millions to unauthorized music files.

The move comes after local IFPI affiliates took similar legal actions against eDonkey servers in France earlier this year and in the Netherlands in August.

"These actions show the reach of the recording industry's Internet anti-piracy operation," said Jeremy Banks, head of IFPI's global Internet anti-piracy unit.

"eDonkey servers drive a large amount of illegal traffic on the file sharing network," added Jo Oliver, the IFPI's head of litigation. "They are run by individuals who are deliberately and flagrantly violating the rights of artists and record companies."