Edward Norton, Bennett Miller Create Obama Doc 'We Hold These Truths' (Video)

Edward Norton Bennett Miller Split - P 2012
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Edward Norton Bennett Miller Split - P 2012

The actor and director gave a different kind of celebrity endorsement, creating a short doc extolling the virtues of the American people.

Celebrity political endorsements generally seek to use one's star power to sway the average American. But in the case of Edward Norton and Bennett Miller's new endorsement of President Obama, it is the average, working American that takes center stage.

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Norton and Miller -- the Oscar-nominated Moneyball and Capote helmer -- put together a new seven minute documentary for the president, highlighting the hopes and dreams of working, middle class Americans. Seated against stark black backgrounds and giving emotional appeals about their desire for a fair shot at success, and a hopeful future for their children, the diverse group speaks nothing of celebrities or glitzy Hollywood fundraisers; if you didn't know in advance that Norton and Miller had done the video, there'd be nothing to indicate that this wasn't a regular Obama campaign production.

"I don't judge anyone else's choices but for myself, I don't relate to the idea of leveraging celebrity for its own sake," Norton told Buzzfeed. "I'm not a believer of do this or pay attention to this because of who I am. Even though I support the President, to me it's much more interesting to encourage people to engage than to suggest that people should model themselves on me and my views."