EFA honors 'Downfall' actor Bruno Ganz

European Film Awards ceremony on Dec. 4 in Tallinn, Estonia

COLOGNE, Germany -- The European Film Academy will give its lifetime achievement award this year to Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, perhaps best-known internationally for portraying Adolf Hitler in the Oscar-nominated "Downfall."

Ganz is one of only a handful of actors who has carved out a career both as a leading man on European art house scene -- in films including "Wings of Desire," "The Marquise of O" and "Bread & Tulips" -- and as a supporting player in Hollywood features from 2004's "The Manchurian Candidate" remake to Oscar-winner "The Reader" to the upcoming thriller "Unknown White Male."

Ganz has played a fallen angel in Wim Wenders' "Wings of Desire" and "Far Away -- So Close" and personified the devil on earth as Hitler in "Downfall." The latter performance earned him accolades worldwide. It also made him an unlikely Internet star as online parodies using clips from the film went viral, scoring millions of hits. Ganz is also president of the German Film Academy.

The European Film Academy will honor the 69-year-old actor at the European Film Awards ceremony on Dec. 4 in Tallinn, Estonia.