EFEA to offer distributor arbitration


PARIS -- The European Film Export Assn. is hoping to facilitate the trade of feature film titles across the globe by launching an official arbitration procedure available to all European international distribution companies.

The EFEA, founded in 2003 by feature film sales agents to improve the commercial distribution of European productions and co-productions, has selected a group of influential industry personalities for its official list of arbitrators.

The execs chosen to represent each of the major European countries, all of whom have "experience and extensive knowledge of the profession," attended a special training session in Paris on March 13 and 14 with support from Franco-European production financier Natixis Coficine.

The EFEA boasts 23 member companies to date, though the organization's arbitration services are available to all international distributors whether members or not.

European film export companies hoping to take advantage of the arbitration procedures must include a special provisional statement in their contracts.

"The aim of EFEA's international arbitration procedure is to enforce a rigorous policy in the conduct of business deals among professionals and to help resolve disputes through the delivery of an arbitration award," EFEA said in a statement.

The group hopes to provide European sales companies with "a prompt and affordable procedure."