Effects brothers open shop in Budapest


AMSTERDAM -- Digital intermediate veteran Mark Jaszberenyi has departed Autodesk Media & Entertainment to join his brother Aron in establishing a digital intermediate and visual effects post facility in Budapest.

Called Colorfront, the business aims to offer HD, 2K and 4K post services.

"Central Europe, and Hungary in particular, has an amazing film history with many leading directors, producers, cinematographers and technicians coming from here," Aron Jaszberenyi said. "Opening a state-of-the art facility in Budapest is very much in keeping with that tradition."

The Jaszberenyis are known in post industry circles for the development of color manipulation technology that in the early days of DI was used for digital grading during production of Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings." Shortly after, EFilm became the first customer of Colorfront, then a software development company.

In 2003, Discreet (now Autodesk Media & Entertainment) engaged Colorfront's services, and the technology became the basis of Autodesk's Lustre color grading system. Autodesk acquired Colorfront's intellectual properties in 2005, and Lustre development continued in Budapest with Mark Jaszberenyi as director of development.

Research & development will be a component of the post facility.