Efilm makes colorful deal with Autodesk


LAS VEGAS -- Digital intermediate facility Efilm has entered into a professional services engagement with Autodesk, through which the companies are developing a customized digital intermediate system for Efilm's facilities.

Efilm's DI suites will center on its "Eworks" color-timing system, which includes a proprietary configuration of Autodesk Lustre, a color-correction software; and Autodesk Incinerator, which is a technology designed to enable real-time color grading with Lustre.

"We have combined the power of Incinerator with customized Autodesk Lustre technology, along with Efilm's own integrated proprietary software," said Bob Eicholz, vp technology and corporate development at Efilm. "Autodesk's engineering team has done an outstanding job customizing Lustre technology for us, and we look forward to our ongoing partnership."

Eicholz reported new capabilities with the toolset. For instance, the new system would enable real-time review while a color correction is taking place and without waiting for rendering. The Efilm structure includes an SGI SAN and Barco 2k digital-cinema projectors.

Efilm's color-timing toolset initially was invented as a proprietary system that included the use of some underlying technology developed by Colorfront, a company that was acquired by Autodesk in 2005. The Colorfront technology was used to develop what was launched by Autodesk as Lustre.

Efilm, which is owned by Deluxe Laboratories, operates a DI facility in Hollywood; it also has bases in Toronto and in the Bay Area and has announced plans to open in New York. Eicholz said there are additional expansion plans but declined to offer specifics.

Efilm's recent DI credits include "The Reaping" and "Amazing Grace."