EFP making reservations for Cannes' 21 club


LONDON -- This year's selection of fledgling European producers handpicked to travel to the Festival de Cannes was unveiled Thursday by trade organization European Film Promotion.

The EFP membership have named 21 producers for the program, all of who are at the beginning of their international careers.

During Cannes, EFP organizes a roundtable meeting and a co-production lunch with producers from all over Europe to press the flesh and discuss film projects. The event is supported financially by the MEDIA Program of the European Union, EFP member organizations and sponsors under the banner Producers on the Move.

"This year, our members have selected producers with varied backgrounds, ranging from feature film through animation to children's film productions. I am expecting some interesting discussions," EFP managing director Renate Rose said.

This year will see producers from Denmark, the U.K. and Holland rub shoulders with reps from Slovakia, Estonia and Poland as well as Greece, Sweden, France and Belgium.

Each country's EFP member organization -- from the Danish and Polish Film Institutes to Unifrance and the Irish Film Board -- nominates one name to rep the territory.

The Hollywood Reporter is a media sponsor for the program.

Producers chosen to participate are: Gregory Athanasiou (Greece), Sarita Christensen (Denmark), Mario Gianani (Italy), Petra Goedings (Holland), Meike Kordes (Germany), Piotr Mularuk (Poland), Martina Niland (Ireland), Kai Nordberg (Finland), Kristin Olafsdottir (Iceland), Sylvie Pialat (France), Ferenc Pusztai (Hungary), Luis Angel Ramirez (Spain), Riina Sildos (Estonia), Ulf Synnerholm (Sweden), Elena Tatti (Switzerland), Samuel Tilman (Belgium), Luis Urbano (Portugal), Martin Vandas (Czech Republic), Marek Veselicky (Slovakia), Eric Vogel (Norway) and Elaine Wickham (U.K.).