EFP Supporting Northern European Sales and Production Companies at AFM

European Film Promotion also offers help via Film Sales Support program


LONDON -- A cold European front will be hitting this year's American Film Market as Northern European sales and production entities jet in with the help of the trade promotions body European Film Promotion.

EFP said Tuesday it is supporting eight production and sales companies from Finland alone with reps from Denmark and Sweden also landing at the Santa Monica located event.

Other Eurozone participants under the EFP umbrella come from the U.K., Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Hungary, Ireland, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland.

"The AFM is a key market in the yearly film business calendar between Toronto, Rome and Berlin, and EFP's umbrella office makes it much easier, especially for smaller companies, to be present here", said Finnish Film Foundation head of international promotion Jaana Puskala.

EFP also offers financial help via its Film Sales Support (FSS) program to European sales agents and their marketing campaigns of European films at the AFM. This year, incentives are going towards 25 movie titles from Spain, Germany, the U.K., Hungary, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, Finland, Portugal and The Netherlands.

Movies supported include Killing Bono, by Nick Hamm, Tom Tykwer's Threeand DiDi Hollywood by Bigas Luna.

FSS covers up to 50% of costs for the rental of an office, booking of market screenings and market badges as well as the production of promotional material.