Egypt State TV Features First Female News Reader With Headscarf


"At last the revolution has reached state television," says presenter Fatima Nabil.

A female news reader has appeared on Egyptian state TV in an Islamic headscarf for what is believed to be first time since the broadcaster launched in 1960, the BBC reported.

Presenter Fatima Nabil wore a cream-colored headscarf on a news show mid-day Sunday, it said.

"At last the revolution has reached state television," the anchor told the BBC.

Other female news and weather presenters are expected to follow Nabil in wearing a headscarf, the BBC said.

Under Egypt's ex-president Hosni Mubarak, the country focused on secular looks, with an unofficial ban on female presenters covering their hair, according to the BBC.

The country's current Muslim Brotherhood-led government has encouraged more religiously influenced rules though. Its Information Minister, for example, has highlighted that female TV stars in other Arab countries often cover their hair.

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