"Egypt's Jon Stewart" on the Rise of Donald Trump: "Quite Depressing"

Bassem Youssef hosting the International Emmys - H 2015
Larry Busacca/Getty Images for TIME

"Stupid people are everywhere," says the International Emmys host Bassem Youssef. "But the fact that he has that much support makes it very, very annoying."

Even comedians are struggling to cope with Donald Trump.

While just a few weeks ago the Republican candidate may have been considered a rich source of punchlines and gags, his latest suggestion that there should be a "complete shutdown" on Muslims entering the U.S. has seemingly pushed him beyond the realms of comedy, especially in the Middle East.

"It is actually quite sad and quite depressing," says Bassem Youssef, the Egyptian TV comic often likened to Jon Stewart, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter on the sidelines of the Dubai International Film Festival.

"Stupid people are everywhere. The fact that he has that much support makes it very, very annoying."

Despite his concern for the Trump's rise in popularity, Youssef joked that the property tycoon turned presidential hopeful was like the "second rise of George W. Bush," and the "coming of Jesus Christ."

The former cardiac surgeon, now based in Dubai after canceling his controversial yet hugely popular satirical TV show Al-Bernameg in 2014 following pressure from the Egyptian government, last month hosted the International Emmys in New York.

Speaking to THR before the event, he said that the Middle East appeared to be cursed.

"It's not going well for us there, and it seems it won't be going well for us where we are escaping to — it seems the planet doesn't want us anymore," he said.

"Many don't know if they should stay or leave because either way they are doomed. Now, on a lighter note … well, there isn't any."