Eight programs likely to appeal to Emmy's creative side


Creative Arts Emmys let loose

(Fox) -- With five to eight peppy production numbers an episode, the all-singing, all-dancing kids of William McKinley High should get noms for choreography, sound mixing and editing.

"Human Target" (Fox) -- Forget the cartoony plotting. The butt-kicking stunt work and the retro main titles in this DC Comics adaptation are sure to catch voters' attention.

(ABC) -- The aural and visual surprises come as fast and furious as the plot twists in the show's final season as it bounces back and forth between two realities. Look for nominations in cinematography, editing, music (by this year's Oscar winner, Michael Giacchino), visual effects and sound categories.

"Mad Men" (AMC) -- "Men's" nicotine and bourbon-stained bygone '60s look hasn't lost its charm, and this season added a touch of Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" with a trip to Rome, virtually guaranteeing nominations for art direction, cinematography, costumes and hairstyling.

"The Pacific"
(HBO) -- The estimated $200million budget of this graphic 10-part miniseries exploring U.S.-Japanese conflict in WorldWar II is all up on the screen, making it a strong contender in virtually every category for which it's eligible, from cinematography, editing, makeup, sound and visual effects to stunts and main title design.

"Treme" (HBO) -- This gritty exploration of post-Katrina life in New Orleans from David Simon ("The Wire") has a strong edge in the casting, cinematography, editing and sound categories.

(ABC) -- Sci-fi fanboys and fangirls may prefer the 1983 version, but this reimagining has got Emmy-worthy visual effects (including a fleet of CGI spaceships) that put the Reagan-era original to shame.

XXI Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony (NBC) -- These indoor festivities in Vancouver may have lacked the scope of the opening of the Summer Games in Beijing in 2008, but the art direction, choreography, lighting direction and sound mixing were still something to behold.