'Einstein on the Beach' Documentary Turns to Kickstarter to Finish Post-Production

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Philip Glass

The film focuses on Philip Glass and Robert Wilson's avant-garde opera.

The makers of a documentary on Philip Glass and Robert Wilson’s avant-garde opera Einstein on the Beach is turning to Kickstarter to raise funds to complete post-production.

Director John Walter, an award-winning documentary editor (My Kid Could Paint That) turned documentary director (How to Draw a Bunny) and production entity Mr. Mudd Productin and the Brooklyn Academy of Music have already shot and even edited the feature, which is titled The Earth Moves.

But the moviemakers need additional support for post work, such as color correction, media licensing and sound mixing, especially since they are hoping to have the film ready for the fall festival circuit.

Einstein on the Beach debuted in 1976 as a four-and-a-half-hour work that tackled a thematic range of Albert Einstein's life, scientific and personal, and was called genre-defying and groundbreaking. Although it was rarely performed, it made a significant artistic impact in the art and science worlds.

The Earth Moves looks at the making of the opera and the four decades of performances and ends with the 2012 tour, which gathered the original creators for what is considered to be the final time they would perform the opera.

Rewards for supporters range from signed copies of Glass' memoir, Words Without Music, to having your script critiqued by execs from Mr. Mudd to having a star named in a constellation. But the piece de resistance could be the truly one-of-a-kind original Glass-handwritten first page of the Einstein on the Beach score.

The campaign runs through July 2. Click here to see the film's Kickstarter page.