Cannes: 'Eisenstein in Guanajuato' Prequel in the Works With Hollywood Setting

Eisenstein in Guanajuato
Courtesy of Berlin International Film Festival

Peter Greenaway will write and direct the film, starring Elmer Back as the titular director on an adventure in Tinseltown.

So what happened before Sergei Eisenstein’s trip to Mexico?

Peter Greenaway is set to write and direct Eisenstein in Hollywood, a chronological prequel to the biographical romantic comedy Eisenstein in GuanajuatoReleased in 2015, the film centered on the acclaimed Soviet director and his alleged homosexual affair with a local guide while filming in Mexico in the 1930s

Eisenstein, who was married and died in 1948, and famed for his 1925 silent movie Battleship Potemkin, is considered one of Russia's greatest directors.

Cinatura UK's Kees Kasander will produce the title, with The Works Film & Television Group's Martin McCabe, Brooke Lyndon-Stanford, Deepak Sikka and Mick Southworth serving as executive producers. The U.K.-Finland-Italy co-production is eyeing a November 2017 shoot for a late 2018 debut. The Works International is handling global sales, launching at Cannes.

Finnish actor Elmer Back will reprise his role as the titular director, as he is invited by Charlie Chaplin to come to Hollywood. He then meets many key players in the formation of modern cinema including D.W. Griffith, Ernst Lubitsch, Erich von Stroheim and David O. Selznick.

"I look forward to working with The Works on this project and for Peter to show the first clash between Cinema as Art, and Cinema as Commerce," said Kasander in a statement. "I think we all know who won!”