Eisner group donates $1.25 mil to CalArts

Grant will support new-media programs, scholarships

The Eisner Foundation has awarded a $1.25 million grant to CalArts' Community Arts Partnership, which offers free, afterschool and school-based arts programs for youth throughout Los Angeles County. The grant will support CAP's new-media programs and endow scholarships for former CAP participants who plan to continue to CalArts.

For each year of the five-year grant, the foundation will provide $250,000 to CAP -- $75,000 for core operating support, $25,000 for current scholarships and $150,000 to endow future scholarships.

"Through our family foundation, we want to do all we can to support the development of young scholars interested in new media," Michael Eisner said. "We believe passionately in the potential of all young people and think that connecting them to the resources of CalArts is a tremendous vehicle for advancing not only the youth of Los Angeles but the long-term viability of new media itself. Our goal with this gift is to identify talented young people from diverse backgrounds and neighborhoods in Los Angeles and give them the opportunities to transform their lives through access to CAP and eventually CalArts."

Added CalArts President Steven Lavine: "There is so much talent that our society is willing to waste. CAP opens the door. CalArts, one of the most economically and ethnically diverse private colleges in the country, prepares these young artists to make their own contributions -- artistically, socially and economically. This extraordinary contribution from yhe Eisner Foundation lends critical support to some of Los Angeles' most gifted students."

Of the CAP students studying at CalArts, 36% come from families with a household income of less than $50,000. Many are the first in their family to attend college.

"One of the primary goals of CAP is to connect young people to opportunities for higher education," CAP director Glenna Avila said.

Last year, 7,476 students in 53 different neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles participated in CAP programs -- collaborating with 43 partner organizations to provide elementary, middle school and high school age youth in underserved communities with rigorous arts education programs.

Currently, 15 former CAP students are enrolled at CalArts in programs including experimental animation, character animation and film/video. Because of the Foundation's gift, by 2012, CalArts plans to have at least 25 former CAP and other low income students studying new media at CalArts -- an increase of 66% over current figures.
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