Eko Launches Interactive Fashion Series With Nina Garcia (Exclusive)

Clothes Call with Nina Garcia - H Publicity 2019
Courtesy of Eko

Hosted by the 'Project Runway' judge, 'Clothes Call' gives viewers the chance to style a Hollywood client.

Eko's latest interactive series turns viewers into Hollywood stylists. 

The video startup has launched Clothes Call With Nina Garcia, a 12-episode fashion series where viewers will have a tight budget to style a client for a big event.

Garcia, a judge on Project Runway, stars in and executive produce the series, which hails from Whistle-owned mobile-first studio Vertical Networks. Drew Pokorny of Vertical Networks is also producing.

"I'm really excited about the future of entertainment, and I think that interactive video will be widely adopted by consumers and content creators alike," Garcia said in a statement. "I'm thrilled to be getting involved from an early stage with this series as it a great blend of entertainment and education when it comes to dressing." 

In each episode of the weekly series, Garcia gives viewers a challenge to style a client for an event like a getaway or night out. They have limited cash to complete the look as Garcia shares tips and industry secrets. 

"The team at Eko is thrilled to be working with incredible partners like Vertical Networks and Nina Garcia on such a groundbreaking and fun interactive show like Clothes Call With Nina Garcia," said Eko head of development and producer Daniel Laikind. "It shows us the world of fashion and style in a brand-new way and will be an amazing example of what choice-driven content can and should be."

Clothes Call joins other interactive Eko projects from partners including BuzzFeed and FBE. The company received a $250 million investment from Walmart last year for a joint venture to create and distribute original programming.