El Segundo Police Respond to L.A. Times Building Over Suspicious Package

Employees did not evacuate.

El Segundo police on Wednesday responded to the Los Angeles Times on the report of a suspicious package, authorities told The Hollywood Reporter. Police were called around 11:15 a.m., said Sgt. Aaron Corkins, spokesman for El Segundo police. 

Employees did not evacuate the building. 

The package was believed at first to be a possible explosive device — a number of other devices having been delivered on the East Coast to CNN and other prominent politicians — but it was not, Corkins said. However, inside the package were a number of envelopes "that did seem suspicious," he added. 

The envelopes were given to the Los Angeles County Health Hazmat and the fire department for further investigation. As of 1:30 p.m., police were still on scene at the Times

Earlier in the day, Los Angeles police said they were monitoring the situation in the East, but not increasing a presence around the CNN building on Sunset Boulevard or around tourist spots, such as Hollywood Boulevard and North Highland Avenue.

CNN's Time Warner Center office was evacuated on Wednesday in response to the discovery of a suspicious package containing an explosive device. An unidentified white powder was also found.

Later that afternoon, LAPD investigated a "suspicious package" at the Los Angeles Central Mail facility near Downtown. LAPD said it was "working closely with our federal law enforcement partners given the number of suspicious devices discovered across the nation."

When contacted by THR, an LAPD official said that they were currently investigating the situation and had no more specific information to provide on the case.