Sasha and Malia Obama Follow in Their Mother's Fashionable Footsteps on Election Night

Michelle Obama Sasha Obama Malia Obama Election Night - H 2012
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Michelle Obama Sasha Obama Malia Obama Election Night - H 2012

The president's daughters chose chic, appropriate attire for their appearance on the national stage.

We're used to Hollywood teens like Hailee Steinfeld and Elle Fanning wearing luxe designer clothes -- but the Obama girls? Not so much.

Sasha and Malia Obama have been carefully kept out of the public eye as much as possible, but on Election Night, they took to the national stage in Chicago with their parents, each dressed in a chic and appropriate way -- reflective of their mom Michelle Obama's now familiar ladylike-but-fun style.

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We now know that Michelle wore a recycled red Michael Kors dress with a black jacket over it. This is Michelle's classic look -- a sheath dress with a jacket or cardigan, or a skirt, blouse or sweater and jacket or cardigan. Sometimes the pieces are designer; sometimes they're a mix of J. Crew and designer. 

Sasha and Malia each had their own chic separates look going on on election night. Sasha's emerald green A-line skirt was by Chris Benz, a great New York designer. With this, she paired a black bow top and gray cardigan, a necklace and matching green ballet flats.

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Malia wore a black three-quarter-length sleeve boatneck top with a blue A-line skirt, pink belt and flats. The Obama ladies certainly all love their cardigans. The way each of the girls matched up their colors was very hip and of the moment -- a nice combo of trendy and fashion magazine friendly -- and what a well-bred young lady wears to take the national stage.