Electors Take to Reddit to Promote Anti-Trump Movement Ahead of Vote

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#DraftKasich is underway.

Two of the electors tasked with voting for President on Monday took to Reddit on Friday to answer questions about why they won't be choosing Donald Trump.

Chris Suprun is a Republican elector from Texas, who penned a New York Times op-ed about his choice to break ranks earlier this month, and Bret Chiafalo is the founder of Hamilton Electors, a group dedicated to putting a qualified Republican alternative in the White House.

Right now, it seems, they believe that qualified Republican is Gov. John Kasich.

"I take my orders from the U.S. Constitution, and my oath to preserve and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, trumps any other commitments," writes Suprun in the AMA. "I’ll be voting with a clear conscience on December 19th, and I hope that many of my fellow electors will join me in finding a responsible Republican to replace both candidates, such as Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio."

Chiafalo says the two have had conversations with "countless" Republican electors who are concerned about a Trump presidency.

"Many Republican Electors have voiced support for Gov. Kasich as someone they would consider as an alternative to Donald Trump," writes Chiafalo. "This is why we are launching #DraftKasich. Gov. Kasich is a man with the integrity and experience that we believe Republican Electors will rally around."

Twenty-nine states currently impose penalties on electors who don't vote, but Chiafalo says those state rules hold no legal water.

"State laws penalizing 'Faithless' Electors are patently unconstitutional and we believe they will be found so soon by Federal Courts," writes Chiafalo. "Many of our country’s greatest legal minds are coming together to fight these laws."

Electors in California, Colorado and Washington have turned to the federal courts to override state laws that bind their votes — and The Electors Trust is offering free legal advice to any elector who wishes to vote his or her conscience. 

Many users asked the electors how they would feel if their actions resulted in "civil war" and "bloodshed."

"The immediate existential threat that Donald Trump poses our nation is greater than the speculation of what some may or may not do," writes Chiafalo. "The Constitution compels us to act."