'Electric Daisy' Melee Shines Spotlight on Lady Gaga Concert

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The singer performs outside the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" studio Thursday.

The Los Angeles Police Department is taking precautions to ensure that a performance by Lady Gaga on Thursday night won't turn into a replay of the melee that broke out Wednesday at the Electric Daisy Carnival Experience film premiere.

As part of an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Gaga will belt out her hits on an outdoor stage behind the program's Hollywood studio. Two thousand fans have been given access to the area that typically accommodates 1,000 people, but unlike the Electric Daisy Carnival event -- in which ticketless fans flooded Grauman's Chinese theater -- lookie loos are discouraged from coming to the neighborhood.

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LAPD Commander Andy Smith told the Los Angeles Times, "We are asking people without tickets to stay away from the event. We will have plenty of officers on hand to deal with anyone who acts in an unsafe or unlawful manner."

On Wednesday night, police in riot gear fought off crowds flocking to see DJ Kaskade -- one of the acts featured in the Electric Daisy Carnival Experince film -- perform. Kaskade had invited fans via Twitter to watch him play despite the fact that his appearance was for an invite-only screening.

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The near-riot pitted LAPD officers, who were trying to clear Hollywood Blvd., against fans trying to catch a glimpse of Kaskade, despite audible warnings via megaphone repeatedly stating that Kaskade’s appearance was "canceled” and that fans should vacate the premises. In fact, the DJ himself sent several tweets pleading with fans to "chill" and leave the area after he got wind of LAPD problems with crowds.

In the end, police were forced to physically push crowds away from the entrance of Grauman's, which resulted in the fracas.