Electric Zoo Announces Refunds Following Last-Minute Cancellation

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Electric Zoo

The three-day fest in New York pulled the plug on Sunday's schedule after two concertgoers died over the weekend.

New York's Electric Zoo festival has announced ticket refund rates after its last-minute cancellation of Sunday's schedule, the result of two drug-related deaths.

According to the Electric Zoo website, refunds will be automatically distributed to those who purchased tickets at varying rates, depending on the type of ticket received. Those who bought a three-day pass will be given a 33 percent refund, while those who purchased the Friday/Sunday combo pass will have 50 percent of their purchase returned.

The website claims that refunds will be processed "as quickly as possible."

The annual festival is mired in controversy after two concertgoers died and four became critically ill. According to the city of New York, the deaths were blamed on the drug MDMA, commonly referred to as molly or ecstasy.

Jeffrey Russ, 24, of Rochester, N.Y., and Olivia Rotondo, 20, of Providence, R.I., were the casualties.