Electric Zoo Had Private Ambulances, Tents for ODs (Report)

Electric Zoo Festival - H - 2013
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The festival's organizer allegedly made arrangements to conceal medical issues from the cops.

Hard-partying concertgoers at this weekend's deadly Electric Zoo festival in New York were transported and treated in private ambulances and tents, allowing organizers to conceal medical issues from the cops, according to a report.

The Queens-based festival organizer, Made Event, hired its own doctor and ambulances and set up tents at the Randall's Island venue to avoid calls to 911, a source told the New York Post.

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"This is the same thing that was done in the clubs in the '90s in the city," the source told the Post.

Electric Zoo founder Mike Bindra used to be the manager of the drug-plagued Chelsea club Twilo, which closed in 2001 after two people died from fatal doses of ecstasy. New York City officials claimed that club used private ambulances for overdoses, the New York Daily News notes.

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The final day of this weekend's Electric Zoo festival was canceled after two concertgoers died from overdoses of MDMA, commonly referred to as "molly." Another attendee is on life support with kidney failure at a Bronx hospital, a source told the Post. As many as 19 people needed medical attention, the Post reports.

Bindra's spokesman lashed out at the allegations that arrangements were made to conceal drug use from the cops.

STORY: Electric Zoo Festival Canceled Following Two Deaths

"For anonymous sources to suggest we have doctors and ambulances on site for anything but to treat people in as efficient a way as possible is obscene," Stefan Friedman told the Post.

Friedman also told the Post that Bindra did not oversee security at Electric Zoo, which he runs with his wife Laura DePalma.