Electronic Arts Responds to "Misogynistic Vitriol" as FIFA Video Game Adds Women

'FIFA 16'

COO Peter Moore hits back at some social media comments about the news that the latest edition of the hit soccer game franchise will include women's teams for the first time.

The COO of video game company Electronic Arts has criticized what he termed the "misogynistic vitriol" that followed Thursday's announcement that women would for the first time feature in FIFA 16, the upcoming edition of EA Sports' hit soccer franchise.

The FIFA series, which started in 1993, is one of the world's best-selling video game franchises. The upcoming FIFA 16 edition will be the first to include women's teams.

But when EA made that announcement on Thursday, some on social media mocked the idea of including female players in the soccer video game. Twitter comments included the likes of "Why would they put women in FIFA when 95% of players are boys??? Makes no sense" and "FIFA 16 Career Mode: Your star striker has been ruled out for 9 months due to pregnancy."

EA COO Peter Moore took to Twitter to call out social media trolls.

"So sad to see the misogynistic vitriol following the FIFA 16 announcement regarding women in the game. We are better than this,” he wrote.

His tweet was met with widespread online support. “Yeah Peter, you tell them!” wrote one commentator, while another quipped “Don't be hard on men complaining about women in FIFA 16. They are just scared because they’ve never scored with a woman."

The FIFA 16 game will feature 12 international all-female teams, including the USA, England, Brazil, Spain, Germany and Canada. Male teams will not be able to play female teams in the game. You can check out EA Sports' trailer for FIFA 16 below.


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