Electronic Arts and Sony Pictures Partner to Donate $1 Million to American Soldiers

The game publisher is releasing multiplayer maps set in locations from the "Zero Dark Thirty" movie before it hits theaters.

The worlds of Hollywood and video games are converging this December. Electronic Arts, which will find itself at war at retail this fall as Medal of Honor Warfighter battles Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II, has turned to Sony Pictures Entertainment for some extra marketing ammunition.

The partnership will result in exclusive multiplayer maps for Medal of Honor Warfighter that will be available via download and will feature locations from Columbia Pictures and Annapurna Pictures’ Zero Dark Thirty. Directed by Academy Award winner Kathryn Bigelow and written by Mark Boal, the movie chronicles the successful hunt for Osama Bin Laden. The Medal of Honor Warfighter Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack will launch the week of December 17 for $9.99 before the film’s theatrical release.

EA will donate a portion of map pack sales as part of its commitment to give back at least $1 million through its Project HONOR campaign, a program created to drive charitable contributions to nonprofit veterans organizations.

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“Working with Project HONOR is a meaningful way for us to continue our support for combat veterans throughout the armed services,” said Boal, writer-producer of Zero Dark Thirty. “We are thrilled to be a part of this effort, and we’re humbled that EA is stepping up to the plate with such a significant contribution.”

Gamers will be able to engage in multiplayer firefights in two maps inspired by real world locations. Set in one of the most dangerous hotspots in the world, the first map is Darra Gun Market, Pakistan’s flourishing arms bazaar. Darra, the largest illegal arms market in the world, is a tribal land based on two principles – hospitality and revenge. No police are allowed to enter the area and the laws are made by the tribal leader. The second location is Chitral, which sits in the far north of Pakistan, bounded by Afghanistan to the west and China to the north. It is a remote, rugged area governed by tribes that will not allow even the Pakistani army to operate there.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is inspired by real world events, real operations, and real warriors,” said Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer at EA. “We’ve teamed up with Sony Pictures Entertainment to give back to the Special Operations community in honor of the sacrifices they and their families have made for their country and to connect people to the story of the greatest manhunt our world has seen.”

As part of this cross-promotional endeavor, the Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition game disc will include a trailer for Zero Dark Thirty.

Written by actual U.S. Tier 1 Operators while deployed overseas, the game puts players in the boots of today’s most highly trained and skilled warriors to experience missions that have an intense sensory connection to real world terrorist threats. From rescuing hostages in Abu Sayyaf’s stronghold in the Philippines to assaulting Al-Shabaab’s “Pirate Town” on the Somali Coast, Medal of Honor Warfighter features international hotspots in the single player campaign and introduces international Tier 1 Operators in multiplayer allowing gamers to show their national pride online.

EA will fire the first salvo in this year’s battle for consumer dollars. Medal of Honor Warfighter hits retail shelves Oct. 23 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which is expected to once again emerge victorious as the biggest game of the year, will be released Nov. 12.