Skincare Brand To The Stars Launches Luxe Awards Show Facial at Beverly Wilshire

Elemis Facial - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Elemis

Elemis Facial - Publicity - H 2017

We tried the new $505 facial by British brand Elemis, beloved by Alicia Vikander, Christina Hendricks and Victoria Beckham.

In Hollywood it’s not enough for an actress or actor to have a super-toned body; they must have a toned, sculpted face — and neck, and décolleté — too. No one understands that like the expert team behind Elemis, the ultra-luxury British skincare brand that counts everyone from Lily James, Alicia Vikander and Natalie Dormer to Christina Hendricks, Cindy Crawford and Victoria Beckham as devotees.

Late last week the brand, which has been pioneering face and body formulas for 25 years, revealed the new Elemis Targeted Toning Treatment ($505) — which tightens and contours not just the face but also the chest and arms, preparing the beneficiary for a revealing red-carpet gown — at the iconic Beverly Wilshire's spa. Appropriately, the treatment only is expected to be available during awards season, on The Spa's limited-edition red carpet menu (though in-the-know clients may be able to request it later).

The fact that the therapy extends to the upper arms is a clue that it’s much more innovative — and comprehensive — than your traditional facial, which typically includes cleansing, steam, extractions, exfoliation and a mask of some kind. This unique protocol actually begins with the arms, that is, after the feet are washed with warm cloths. The therapist uses a dry brush made with natural cactus fibers to gently brush the backs of the upper arms toward the shoulder, promoting lymphatic drainage and encouraging blood flow.

She then applies a warm rubberized mask comprised of, in part, marine algae and red algae — you even may catch a subtle whiff of the sea as she paints it on with a brush. After wrapping the arms in plastic and a towel, the warmth quickly fades and is replaced with a freezing sensation that apparently mimics CoolSculpting (the medical procedure that freezes fat) and serves to contour that area that so many are self-conscious about.

While the arm mask continues to chill the arms, the therapist moves on to the face, cleansing with two aromatic Elemis formulas — one balmy and smooth, the other bright and foaming — before applying a series of products from the Elemis Biotec system and taking organized passes of the face, neck and décolletage with a device emitting microcurrent and then galvanic currents to tighten, tone, smooth, lift and energize the skin. In a way, it’s a full facial workout.

But even though the skin is getting its sweat on, so to speak, the entire ritual is incredibly relaxing. Clients can expect a deeply soothing facial massage, heavenly aromas (thanks to ingredients such as amber, featured in products like Biotec Skin Energising Day Cream, $120), silky textures and an uber-plumping dose of virtually pure oxygen, which is ejected from a device in spurts and serves to calm, hydrate and soothe the dermis, too. 

Not a single minute of the treatment is wasted. Even when the clock is winding down and the aesthetician is ready to free your arms, she first applies under-eye masks and a jowl mask, which sticks under the jaw and is held in place with ear straps. Thoughtfully designed, these steps infuse active ingredients into the skin down to the last possible second, making the most of every moment. After all, what red carpet regular can afford to waste precious pampering time?

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