Eleven Arts and Edlead Linking for International Co-Productions

Eleven Arts Logo - H 2012

Eleven Arts Logo - H 2012

The Los Angeles-based distribution and production company is teaming with Japan’s Edlead Group to make three to five international co-productions a year, backed by Japanese financing.

TOKYO – LA-based distribution and production company Eleven Arts and Japan’s Edlead Group are tying up with plans for three to five international co-productions a year, backed by financing from Japanese investors.

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“The bottom line is Eleven Arts is getting very strong financial back-up from Edlead Group,” Eleven Arts CEO Ko Mori told The Hollywood Reporter. "And for Edlead, they’ll get what they need from LA, in terms of production know-how and our distribution and sales network. Edlead is looking to do more co-pros in North America and other English-language markets."

"This has come about after a year of discussions; Edlead had been looking for a way into America for a while. For us, this gives us a lot of financial confidence to put together a slate of films,” said Mori.

The two companies are already collaborating on Once Upon a Time in the Far East (Mukashi Mukashi), a film based on old Japanese fairytales that is scheduled to be the first part of a trilogy. The Japan sequences of the production have already been completed, with the US portion still to be shot.   

The deal also brings onboard A-T-Illusion, an FX and CG outfit that is part of the Edlead Group and has been working on commercials and movies in Japan for two decades.

Further details of the new financing vehicle that will back the upcoming slate of films will be announced once it is finalized, said Mori.