Eli Roth writing horror, sci-fi scripts

Plans to direct 'Endangered Species,' 'Thanksgiving'

MORELIA, Mexico -- Life after the "Hostel" franchise is keeping producer-director Eli Roth busy these days as he juggles a handful of projects.

Roth said at the Morelia International Film Festival on Monday that he expects to finish a script this month for the sci-fi project "Endangered Species," which would mark his return to the director's chair after several years of focusing on acting and producing. Roth was visiting Morelia with Quentin Tarantino to promote "Inglourious Basterds," the festival's opening film.

Roth added that he is penning a script for the horror flick "Thanksgiving," which originally appeared as a faux trailer for Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's "Grindhouse." He is directing, producing and possibly acting in the film.

As a producer, Roth and production partner Strike Entertainment will be showing director Daniel Stamm's exorcism movie "Cotton" to Sundance in two weeks. Roth also is developing the martial arts film "The Man With the Iron Fist" with rapper-turned-director Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, more commonly known as the RZA. Arcade, Roth and producer Eric Newman's shingle, are producing.

Roth is excited about charting new territory as a producer and director.

"I haven't been this excited since the first 'Hostel,' " he said. "I had to divorce myself from the ('Hostel') project 100% to free up my brain for other things."