Elisabeth Hasselbeck Bids Emotional Farewell to 'Fox and Friends'

Courtesy of FOX

The co-host signed off from the Fox News morning show on Tuesday, roughly a month after announcing that she would be stepping down to spend more time with her family.

Almost a month to the day after announcing that she would be stepping down as Fox and Friends co-host to spend more time with her family, Elisabeth Hasselbeck said her emotional goodbyes on Tuesday's episode of the Fox News morning show.

On her final day as co-host, Hasselbeck was joined by her many Fox and Friends colleagues, including co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, who joined her on the show's curved couch.

As she said her final goodbye, Hasselbeck praised Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, whom she also gratefully acknowledged last month as she talked about her decision to leave the show.

"He gave me two gifts: One, he gave me the opportunity to join you all in this family, and two, he gave me an outstanding amount of understanding and guidance when I made this decision to go home," said Hasselbeck. "Mr. Ailes, I can't thank you enough. I can't thank all of you enough for this chance."

Hasselbeck looked like she was crying as she thanked Doocy and Kilmeade, who surprised her with a large photo of the three of them on set, and said of the Fox and Friends team, "I will be watching you. You are going to continue to do awesome work, like before I came."

"I've been so blessed by all of you," said Hasselbeck. "Thank you."

Doocy chimed in, before leading the staff in a round of applause: "No, Elisabeth, we have been blessed by you."

Hasselbeck's Fox and Friends producers and colleagues also looked back at some of their favorite moments with the co-host, during her nearly two and a half years on the morning show.

"We all met Elisabeth weeks before you guys met Elisabeth," one of the producers, identified simply as "Kelley," said in a video of clips from Hasselbeck's first day on Fox and Friends. "Before she walked down the hallway with the guys, she came around and shook everyone's hand individually and learned everyone's names right away. She wanted to impress us, and I think as a staff we all looked around and thought, 'This is going to be the perfect fit.' "

Another staffer recounted how Hasselbeck made her feel better after she felt embarrassed for being called out, on live TV, for having a Pop-Tart at her desk. She didn't have time to get breakfast, she explained. In the video, the staffer ate a Pop-Tart and said she did that for Hasselbeck.

Hasselbeck also shared an emotional moment with her longtime makeup artist, Karen, whom Hasselbeck dubbed "Chief Beauty Officer," saying that Karen makes a "morning miracle" happen every day, taking Hasselbeck "from Ugly Town to getting ready for the cameras."

Hasselbeck and Karen shared a few hugs as the co-host said, "I love you forever. … I'll miss seeing you at this hour everyday, but we'll see each other plenty. … Your talents are only outmatched by your heart. I treasure you. God blessed me with this friendship."

Fox and Friends also shared a goodbye video from Duck Dynasty stars Willie and Korie Robertson.

"Elisabeth, we're so sad that we're not going to be able to see you every morning, but we totally understand," Willie Robertson said in his video. "Go raise that family, and we'll see you again down here in Louisiana."

Hasselbeck joined Fox News in September 2013 after several years as a panelist on ABC's The View. A rotating group of co-hosts will take her place on Fox and Friends until a permanent replacement is named.