Elisabetta Canalis: From Free $20,000 Couture Dresses to Buying $39 Garments Off the Rack


The booted "Dancing With the Stars" contestant enjoyed lots of privileges while dating ex-boyfriend George Clooney.

All the while she was George Clooney’s girlfriend, Italian TV host Elisabetta Canalis enjoyed certain privileges -- trickle-down fame, access and, of course, free clothes.

And not just any clothes. Because Clooney is a longtime friend and wearer of Giorgio Armani, wearing Armani tuxes to the Oscars and Armani suits on almost all of his red carpet appearances -- Canalis was also dressed by the House of Armani.

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When she accompanied Clooney to awards shows and movie premier, she wore Armani gowns, cocktail dresses, even Armani Prive gowns -- which are couture and would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000 and up.

Even the cocktail dresses start at three grand, and a ready-to-wear gown could hover around $6,000 or more.

Canalis was even flown to Armani fashion shows in Milan with Clooney and dressed in chic Armani suits (value: about three to four grand) that mirrored his.

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And if you think the good people at Armani were going to ask Canalis for the clothes back, you don’t know what the name "George Clooney" means to a big Italian brand like this.

This week, the recently booted Dancing With the Stars competitor was spotted in West Hollywood, shopping at the A/X Armani Exchange store in Sunset Plaza. For those who don’t know, A/X is Armani’s lowest-priced line, selling casual weekend clothes to a mostly younger customer.

Canalis picked up a faux leather mini dress for $98 and a graphic wrap cardigan for $39. In the past, she probably would toss items like that out of a giftbag on the way home. It pays to be an A-list girlfriend -- in more ways than one!

Now we wonder: Is Armani going to dress Clooney's new girlfriend Stacy Keibler in couture?

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