Eliza Dushku: I Was Robbed on Halloween by Costumed Muggers

Eliza Dushku

The two men stole a Louis Vuitton bag that Dushku had received from Sharon Osbourne

Eliza Dushku had a Halloween night this year that she probably wants to forget. 

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress wrote on Twitter early Saturday morning that she was mugged by two costumed males at her hotel in Providence, R.I. 

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"Please, @OmniHotels, these 2 men are guests here in the building & on your cameras robbing me," she tweeted. "Help me find them & apprehend."

She wrote that the men, one of whom was dressed as Caesar, had stolen her Louis Vuitton bag. The bag was a gift to her from Sharon Osbourne.

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Luckily, justice prevailed. Five hours later, she tweeted that the men had been caught by police and taken to jail, with her luggage having been returned to her. "I am VERY grateful," she wrote.

In other words, it was a Halloween miracle. Her tweets can seen below. 

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