Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza Wore the Same Marc Jacobs Dress Last Night

JB Lacroix/Getty Images
Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen

The horror.

Elizabeth Olsen finally got her chance to be a twin. 

Her older sisters may have the whole "born at the same time" thing going for them, but Olsen had her twinning moment thanks to a happy coincidence with her Ingrid Goes West co-star Aubrey Plaza. The actresses arrived at the Los Angeles premiere of their new dark comedy dressed in the exact same long-sleeve Marc Jacobs LBD. 

Olsen, styled by Sarah Slutsky, and Plaza, styled by Jessica Paster, were matching head-to-toe, down to their pointy Sophia Webster black pumps with a crystal-encrusted stiletto. 

The matchy-matchy shoes make us wonder, was the look intentional? The plot of the film suggests that yes, it might have been a purposeful stunt. Plaza plays the eponymous Ingrid, who becomes obsessed with social media influencer Taylor Sloane (Olsen) and imitates everything she does — from buying the same handbag to dining at the same restaurants. So it's not a stretch to think she'd show up to an event in the same ensemble. 

The stars hammed it up for the cameras, posing for photos with faux "bitch stole my look" outrage. However, later in the evening, Olsen changed into an all-black ensemble so that fans could tell the pair apart. 

Regardless of whether or not the incident was on purpose, we're sure Marc Jacobs' PR team was pleased. 


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