This Is the One Beauty Product Elizabeth Olsen Always Uses

Elizabeth Olsen Kiehls - P 15

Elizabeth Olsen Kiehls - P 15

The 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' actress fills us in on her obsession with a certain eye cream, her bedtime ritual, and her admiration for her twin sisters' impeccable sense of style.

When Elizabeth Olsen decided to partner with Kiehl's on its limited-edition Earth Day–centric environmental partnership with Recycle Across America, she had one request. "I said, ‘Could we do the label for the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado?' Kiehl's was the first brand I ever used — I remember seeing the astringent around my house — and the first thing I started using when I was 16 was the avocado eye cream," she told Pret-a-Reporter at the launch party for her special-edition version, featuring a label she designed alongside close friend and artist Fernando Mastrangelo.

The actress, who stars in the new Avengers: Age of Ultron film, admitted that she likes to mix products and try new things, but the Kiehl's eye cream is the only consistent product she's always used. "When I'm on sets and makeup people ask if there's anything I want them to get me it's this. This is what I live off morning and night." Alongside the Kiehl's wonder-worker she's currently into Dr. Colbert's line, because it's thick, moisturizing and smells great.

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"I basically don't wash my face until I sweat," she said. "And I take longer to go to bed than to wake up. I layer serum then moisturizer and eye cream before that — I just enjoy it. It's nice having a routine before going to bed that makes you feel good, like you did something for yourself."

For her role in Avengers Olsen went brunette, which she said made her rethink all her wardrobe choices. "I wear a lot of black, and with brown hair I felt like I needed to not, because I was giving off very dark vibes. So I wore color and more like, less hard masculine clothes to try to compensate for feeling like a darker person."

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For all things fashion Olsen naturally looks up to her famously stylish siblings, Mary-Kate and Ashley. "I wish I was as good as they are with style — I have never met anyone who has a better sense of style with interior design or fashion than my sisters," she said. "I just haven't seen it. Their clothes are impeccable; the way they style their homes and stores is impeccable. I just wish, can they just come style my home?"

Olsen added that she has always raided their closets—"My whole life. It's always been a nice benefit. I'm just much taller than them, so it sucks. And I have bigger feet so I can't wear their shoes." Luckily everything they design for their label The Row is fair game. "I don't have to shop — I do ask for things. It's really fun for me when I do press junkets, because I'll ask for a bunch of different pieces to rotate between and then say, ‘Can I keep it?' and I can!" We should all be so fortunate!