Elizabeth Taylor Fragrances to Continue

Elizabeth Arden, the company behind the "White Diamonds" and "Passion" perfumes, has launched a Facebook tribute page in honor of the late actress.

Elizabeth Arden, the cosmetics company behind Elizabeth Taylor's "Passion" and "White Diamonds" fragrances, will continue to produce the perfumes after the actress' passing.

Chairman and CEO E. Scott Beattie says, "It is with deep sadness that we learned of the passing of Elizabeth Taylor, the legendary actress, activist and businesswoman. Our best tribute to Elizabeth Taylor will be to continue the legacy of brands she created and loved so much."

Beattie continues, "As her business partner in the fragrance industry, we have held her in the highest esteem and have had tremendous respect for her extraordinary compassion, creativity and business acumen. With the launch of her first fragrance in 1987, Elizabeth Taylor's Passion, she built a fragrance empire and one of the most successful brands in fragrance history. White Diamonds remains a best seller almost 20 years after its 1991 introduction, a testimony to her transcendent and enduring appeal. Her sense of humor, passion for life, never-ending dedication and generosity of spirit will be remembered by all of us. She will be deeply missed."

Taylor's products have generated $1 billion in sales since 1991.

Taylor died Wednesday of congestive heart failure. She was 79. Elizabeth Arden has lauched a Facebook tribute page in her honor.