Elizabeth Taylor's 5 Most Famous Jewels

Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry 2011
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Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry 2011

The actress' famed jewelry and fashion collection will be auctioned off in December.

Fans of Elizabeth Taylor will soon have a chance to own a piece of the famed actress' expansive jewelry, art and clothing collection. 

Christie's auction house said Wednesday that personal items owned by the star, who died March 23 of congestive heart failure at the age of 79, will be sold in a series of auctions starting in December. 

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Prior to the sale, Taylor's jewelry, fashion, art and memorabilia will go on a three-month worldwide tour, with exhibitions in L.A., Moscow, London, Dubai, Geneva, Paris and Hong Kong. The   collection's final stop will be a 10 day exhibition at Christie's Rockefeller Center headquarters beginning December 3 to be followed by a four-day auction Dec. 13-16. A portion of the auction's proceeds will go to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation 

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Here are the five of Taylor's most impressive jewels. 

1. The Taylor-Burton Diamond: Probably the most famous of Taylor's baubles, Taylor's fifth husband, Cleopatra co-star Richard Burton, purchased the 69.42-karat diamond from Cartier in 1969. It was then re-named after the pair.

2. The Krupp Diamond: Burton bought his love the 33.19-karat diamond for $305,000 in May 1968. It became one of the actress' fashion staples, which she wore nearly every day. 

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3. La Peregina: One of Taylor's most famous pearls (another gift from Burton), the jewel is also the former property of both Anne Boleyn and Queen Mary Tudor of England. Shortly after she got it, the pear-shaped pearl was almost eaten by one of her dogs. 

4. Antique diamond tiara: a gift from third husband, Mike Todd, the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof actress, wore it often during the pair's 13 month marriage, famously to the 1956 Academy Awards. 

5. The Taj Mahal necklace: Burton also gifted his wife with the 16th century historical piece. He had the necklace inscribed "to by beloved Mahal."