Elle Defends Racy 'Skins' Photoshoot

"We had the blessing of their parents," says the magazine's editor in chief. "They were at the shoot."

Elle is defending its decision to photograph the teenage models of MTV's Skins in lingerie.

"Innerwear as outerwear has been a trend for decades, and Joe Zee’s point was to make what the actors wear on their show more fashion, less vulgar," the magazine's editor in chief, Robbie Myers, says a statement to EW.com.

"The content of Skins is infinitely more racy than anything we’d have them do. And we had the blessing of their parents: they were at the shoot," added Myers.

The Parents Television Council expressed concern over the pictorial.

"Girls are already feeling so much pressure to become sexually active so early in life," Melissa Henson, the organization's director of communications and public education, told The Hollywood Reporter Wednesday. "The message to young girls seeing these kind of messages is that their only value comes from sexuality. It's such a damaging message to young fans of this show."

Henson called the spread "worse" than the GQ feature in which Glee stars Lea Michele and Dianna Agron posed provocatively.

"These poses are less provocative, however, because they are actual teenagers instead of 20-something girls pretending to be teens, it does make it worse," she said.