Elle Fanning Would Be a Dancer In Another Life

Well, a dancer or "yogurt and granola."

Elle Fanning, the lithe blond 18-year-old younger sister of Dakota Fanning, has played a nymph-like vampire model (The Neon Demon) and a princess (Maleficent), and was lovingly nicknamed a “unicorn” by her stylist Samantha McMillen.

So it should come as no surprise that if she weren’t an actress, Fanning would choose another occupation befitting of her fairy-like tendencies: A dancer.

Joined by her makeup artist Erin Ayanian, who is featured alongside Fanning in THR’s 2016 Beauty Issue, the duo played a game of How Well Do You Know Me? in which the 20th Century Women actress revealed her choice. Though thanks to some fumbling with her answer cards, Fanning’s written response read, “yogurt and granola” (the answer to another mystery question, we’re sure).

Joked Fanning of the mix-up, “If I weren’t acting I would be yogurt and granola.”