Ellen Barkin Attacks Fox News, Calls Its Correspondents Liars

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"OMG frenz. since I started twitta, did I just thow way 30yrs of hard won professional dignity with a coupla 100 fuks?! Fuk it I'm havin fun!!!"

The actress asks, "Can you imagine a legitimate newsperson -- Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw -- just lying on the news?"

Ellen Barkin lashes out at Fox News in a recent interview, accusing the network of "blatant lying."

The outspoken Barkin has a reputation for candor, whether in person or on her Twitter account, and her take on the News Corp. entity is no exception. She tells the Los Angeles Times magazine, "Well, we’re experiencing divisiveness in terms of our politics. Like, the Religious Right has identified themselves because of the propagandizing and illiteracy of...I don’t know...News Corp, maybe?

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"They have identified themselves with this extremist, right-wing insurgency of a party—this Tea Party. They call it a grassroots movement. Grassroots? You’re attached to the wrong ship. And that just shows you the enormous—and don’t misquote me here!—the enormous success that has killed us in terms of Fox News."

Barkin then attacks the channel for lacking journalistic integrity, "The blatant lying that passes itself off as journalism. I don’t even need to get there to go mental. Can you imagine a legitimate newsperson -- Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw -- just lying on the news? Let alone the entertainment factor -- you know, news as entertainment."

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Barkin's political views were also recently on display in a series of tweets during October's Republican presidential debate, which included:

-- "OMG...is this really f---in real??? It's like the beginning of a UFC fight!!! F--- those jokers...ima get a drink or 17
-- "In this corner are 7 giant, gaping a--holes. Oh wait, a--holes have no corners.
-- "They r not equipped 2 talk about healthcare.They r not HEALTHY...&they certainly don't CARE. They should call it SICKF---or F----THE-SICK."
-- "This is not a debate, if Coop is the moderator,whose the ref?
-- "When are they bringing in the gladiators and lions and s---...it's Vegas baby!!!"
-- "Why the f--- is any non Ayrian in that f---in room? Please, someone's god, answer me. Herman???"

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Barkin, whose credits include This Boy’s Life, Sea of Love and Diner, is currently making the media rounds in support of her latest movie, Another Happy Day, which opens later this month.