Ellen DeGeneres Is Bringing Her Personal Style to Walmart

Ellen + EV1 Tag - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Walmart

EV1 isn't a new TV channel — it's a new women's line.

It just got a little bit easier to mimic Ellen DeGeneres’ dance moves. The comedian is launching a new clothing line based on her stylish flair (with lots of jeans and sneakers, natch) — that's hitting Walmart shelves next month.

This isn't DeGeneres' first foray into the branding game. In 2014, she founded luxe lifestyle company E.D., offering clothing, home goods and even pet products. She partnered with Gap to release a kids clothing line and later created a variety of shoes and sneakers, perfect for dancing on The Ellen Show.

But EV1 is short for “everyone,” and the emphasis is on inclusivity. It will launch on Walmart.com in September with select pieces debuting in 2,300 Walmart stores on Sept. 10. Each of the 60 clothing styles — including denim, tees with inspirational phrases, shoes and accessories — costs $30 or less, and new designs will be introduced seasonally.

In a statement, DeGeneres says the inspiration behind the line is “Adorableness. Is that a word? The biggest inspiration was actually inclusiveness. That’s definitely a word. EV1 promotes kindness and love and diversity. We wanted it to appeal and be available to as many people as possible. Plus, it really is adorable.”

The inspiration comes from DeGeneres’ gender-neutral personal style — she frequently sports sleek watches, sneakers and blazers on her show, along with her staple jeans and T-shirts — and comes at a time when gender-neutral clothing as a category is gaining traction in the fashion industry. The fashionista is currently traveling up the West Coast, performing for her first stand-up tour in 15 years. 

Though Walmart is known for appealing to the masses, the store has drawn several star collaborators, including Hollywood stylist Elizabeth Stewart and Miley Cyrus, while Amazon has attracted Drew Barrymore's brand "Dear Drew" to its online fashion section.