Ellen DeGeneres' New Luxury Line to Include Expensive Cashmere

Ellen Degeneres Kennedy Center - P 2014
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Ellen Degeneres Kennedy Center - P 2014

And it could cost you up to $2,000.

Though she's most well-known for her humor, Ellen DeGeneres' clean-cut onscreen wardrobe has become as much of a signature as her outrageous pranks. But her tailored blazers, cashmere sweaters and perfectly pressed pants have not only come to define her persona as the host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but also helped cultivate her appreciation for attention to detail in design — a vital aspect of her new lifestyle brand, ED, which will launch this summer. 

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The first collection, which will be available online at EDbyEllen.com in mid-June (no exact release date has been set yet), will feature pieces ranging in price from $45 to $400. However, the yet-unpriced fall collection could include cashmere sweaters with price tags as high as $2,000. Though the 57-year-old admits that she doesn't expect Kim Kardashian to be rocking ED anytime soon (that is, unless hemlines are raised significantly), for DeGeneres, it's always been more about the classics and, more importantly, about comfort. “This is nothing new to say, but I don’t think you should sacrifice style for comfort,” said the star. "Everything about [ED] is casual and yet it’s chic."

The brand's initial offerings will include a full range of womenswear, including two tote styles and a small collection of accessories, as well as a range of home goods. These new details of her plans for the brand come just one week after she also announced the ED collaboration with Gap Kids. DeGeneres told WWD that she eventually hopes to expand the brand in the next couple of years to include menswear, shoes, home fragrances, pet products, eyewear and more, with lofty aspirations to one day become "the biggest brand in the world." 

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Inspired by her own love of well-made, tailored pieces, the women's collection focuses on sharp attention detail (for example, the word "Love" is stitched onto all jackets and buttons are embossed with an "E") rather than style, with an emphasis on excellent execution. "These products are just quality," DeGeneres said of the line. "My concern was if it’s got my name on it, I want to be really proud of it. … I’m trying to do something classic that is going to last.”