Ellen DeGeneres' New Site Launches, Most Apparel Still "Coming Soon"

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But you can buy dog, bunny and goat tees. So there's that.

After keeping us in suspense for months, Ellen DeGeneres finally launched her new luxury lifestyle brand, ED by Ellen. But as of this morning, more than half of the apparel — including all jackets and bottoms — were listed as "Coming Soon."

What gives, Ellen? We just want to dress like you (and joke like you and be you, basically). How much longer must we wait to purchase your Solid Merino Tailored Jacket ($245) with "love" sewn in red script on the underside of the collar? Or the Shrunken Cable Sweater ($145) with matching elbow patches? We think we've waited long enough, don't you?

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DeGeneres even posted an Instagram video this morning celebrating the launch with the caption, "My clothing line @EDbyEllen is finally here! I hope you love it as much as I do." We do love it, Ellen, in all its neutral-toned and navy glory, but we are very sad about this waiting game. Patience is a virtue in short supply around here.


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In the meantime, there are still a few items that are ready for purchase, including white and navy T-shirts emblazoned with dogs, bunnies and goats ($45 each), as well as canvas totes ($20, with more animals, yay!) and knit bracelets ($12). We guess that will have to suffice. For now.